Genes to Cells 29巻6号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 29, Issue 6, 2024.

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Meeting Report

Pages: 451-455
“The 10th International MDM2 Workshop”: Opening up new avenues for MDM2 and p53 research, the First International MDM2 Workshop in Asia

大木 理恵子、板鼻 康至、岩熊 智雄

Original Articles

Pages: 456-470
Clover: データ駆動型アプローチを用いた発現変動遺伝子の優先順位付け手法
Clover: An unbiased method for prioritizing differentially expressed genes using a data-driven approach

大庭 ジーナ未来、中戸 隆一郎

Pages: 471-485
A zinc-finger protein Moc3 functions as a transcription activator to promote RNAi-dependent constitutive heterochromatin establishment in fission yeast

森 美由紀、佐藤 道明、高畑 信也、梶谷 卓也、村上 洋太

Pages: 486-502
Turnover of EDEM1, an ERAD-enhancing factor, is mediated by multiple degradation routes

勝木 莉子、鹿糠 麻衣、太田 恋、吉田 周世、田村 拓

Brief Reports

Pages: 503-511
Role of Wnt5b-Ror1 signaling in the proliferation of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells

山内 菜津子、大塚 舞子、石川 智弘、掛地 吉弘、菊池 章、増田 充弘、児玉 裕三、南 康博、紙崎 孝基

Pages: 512-520
ATP2B4 is an essential gene for epidermal growth factor-induced macropinocytosis in A431 cells

吉江 俊介、栗山 理志、前川 大志、徐 薇、新留 琢郎、二木 史朗、広瀬 久昭