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GTC cover art February 2019

February 2019
One winter day when the snow covered the trees and the ground, a woman is taking out racks, in which frozen samples are orderly stored, from a liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage vessel with a dipper. There might not have been any satisfactory safety gloves at that time. Patterns of snow crystals are printed on her kimono sash.

GTC cover art January 2019

January 2019
Kagami-mochi (mirror rice cake) is a representative of Japanese New Year decorations. It usually consists of a couple of stacked large round-shaped mochi that resemble ancient bronze mirrors with one daidai (Japanese bitter orange) on top. This year, however, our kagami-mochi is somewhat different from the usual; it is a so-called ribosome-like kagami-mochi. Two stacked mochi likened the ribosome's large and small subunits bind to a gohei (a folded ribbon of paper) that resembles an mRNA encoding (DAIDAI)n amino acid sequence, and a chain of daidais extends upward from the mochi likened the large subunit. It looks like a polypeptide chain itself.

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