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GTC cover art November 2018

November 2018
When drawing a saturation binding curve of two proteins, there is a way of plotting the concentration of the free form of one of the pair on X axis, and the ratio of the other that is forming complex on Y axis. In this case, the slope of the curve is small if their affinity is low (i.e. large dissociation constant (Kd)); however, the slope is large if the affinity is high (i.e. small Kd). In this drawing, two flocks of wild geese are flying along two line-shaped clouds that are likened to saturation binding curves. The geese along the lower, gentle-slope cloud are flying apart as if their affinity is low. On the other hand, the ones flying along the steep-slope cloud in front of the moon are gathering together as if their affinity is high. For drawing this image, we referred to the research paper by Sadaie et al. (2014) Mol. Cell. Biol., 34:3272-3290, DOI: 10.1128/MCB.00087-14 that reports in vivo Kd values.

GTC cover art October 2018

October 2018
There is a pedestrian suspended bridge without side guards over a ravine surrounded by deer on the mountains and birds in the sky. The bridge bent by the weight of two persons, and its fork just look like the replication fork of DNA. The couple is walking across the bridge at the very point of the fork as if they were the replication machinery.

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