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GTC cover art May 2020

May 2020
Each picture in the pattern on this woman's kimono is a cryo-electron microscopy image of E. coli chaperonin GroEL trapped in a thin film of amorphous ice. The method for reconstructing a three-dimensional structure as depicted in this fan from the average of a large number of such images of particles in various orientations (single-particle analysis) continues to improve. We referred a paper by Xu et al. (2016) PLOS ONE, 11(12): e0167765, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0167765 in drawing the patterns on kimono.

GTC cover art April 2020

April 2020
The cherry blossom season has come. The latest product of this potted plants selling man is a potted cherry tree in full bloom of unusual design. The pots and trees seem to mimic magnetic beads and antibodies, respectively. They look just like immunoprecipitated cherry blossoms.