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GTC cover art March 2020

March 2020
In Japan, there is a custom of displaying Hina Dolls on stair-shaped stages at the Doll's Festival on March 3. This year, our dolls are a bit unusual, with the three court lady dolls imitating a trimeric G protein. The current arrangement shows the situation where the α subunit has taken GTP form and has been dissociated from the βγ complex by receiving a signal from the upstream seven, not five, court musician dolls (seven-pass transmembrane receptor).

GTC cover art February 2020

February 2020
Attention has been focused on a phenomenon in which the properties of cells are changed by receiving extracellular vesicles containing miRNA and so on. Now, clouds like extracellular vesicles containing miRNA are released from the body of the dragon and flow towards Mt. Fuji. The dragon aims to change the nature of Mt. Fuji. How will Mt. Fuji change by receiving extracellular vesicles?