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Annual Meeting 2024
GTC cover art June 2024

June 2024
A puffed-up fugu is wrestling with a toad. The body of the fugu has numerous spots that look like insulin secretory granules and a nucleus-like pattern, just like the pancreatic β-cells. Perhaps triggered by the wrestling, the fugu's body releases insulin. Inspired by a review article in this journal (Izumi (2023). Multiple pathways and independent functional pools in insulin granule exocytosis. Genes Cells 28: 471-481, DOI: 10.1111/gtc.13029).

GTC cover art May 2024

May 2024
It has been demonstrated that in Arabidopsis thaliana, the accumulation of the plant hormone jasmonic acid at the base of flowering petals turns on a gene expression cascade there, resulting in the activation of autophagy and vacuolar development, which in turn causes petal shedding (Furuta et al. (2024) Nat. Commun. 15: 1098, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-024-45371-3). Perhaps in the future, we will be able to control the timing of the fall of the petals in other flowering plants, such as cherry blossoms, as we wish.