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GTC cover art May 2019

May 2019
Many people come and go across a bridge in Kyoto. Two mountains, or actually histograms can be seen at the back. These graphs are the distribution of sleep amount for male (front, 'XY') and female (back, 'XX') flies of a large number of strains in a Drosophila mutant library, and the horizontal and vertical axes represent sleep amount and frequency (the number of strains), respectively. Since many strains showed longer sleep in male than in female in this experiment, a divergence can be observed between the peaks of the histograms. For drawing this image, we referred to Cirelli et al. (2005) Nature 434, 1087-1092.

GTC cover art April 2019

April 2019
The single-cell RNA-sequencing technology has a possibility of changing biological studies completely. This is a schematic image of the technology. As with petals of the cherry blossoms, for example, even a number of early embryonic cells indistinguishable from each other can be clustered and visualized based on gene expression data, just as the image is projected on the water surface, and then further analysis can be progressed. Data: Dr. Takefumi Kondo and Mr. Shunta Sakaguchi (Kyoto University).

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