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GTC cover art October 2016

October 2016
Site-specific DNA recombination technologies such as FLP-FRP and Cre-lox systems have been applied to various purposes including mosaic analysis or conditional knockout. We applied the mechanism to pruning a pine tree. When we gave a signal to the pine tree, a branch was circularized and was cut automatically at the specific site marked with the darker green pine needles.

GTC cover art September 2016

September 2016
Soba (buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum) is a pseudocereal with rich aroma and flavor, which is mainly eaten as noodles after Edo era in Japan. Yet there still remain many problems to overcome: its lower yield than the wheat or rice mainly caused by heteromorphic self-incompatibility (SI), its allergenic property that sometimes causes severe allergic reactions, and so on. Also, SI has been preventing us from producing good cultivars using genetic approaches. Finally, the buckwheat's whole genome has just been sequenced with next-generation sequencing (NGS), and it shows us a solution for those problems. We may have low-allergenic soba noodles in the foreseeable future.

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