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GTC cover art October 2017

October 2017
In the Edo period, feudal lords in Japan ('daimyo') had to travel back and forth between their lands and Edo (present-day Tokyo) every other year. It must have been hard for the vassals and retainers accompanied on foot. In this drawing, one prominent daimyo and his procession are depicted. The daimyo's family crest is modeled on the centrosome that acts as the main microtubule organization center in animal cells. The procession is preparing for departure from a 'honjin' (accommodation for daimyo) before dawn. It is still so dark that nobody seems to have noticed that the tips of the pole-like equipment made of microtubules have started depolymerization. They would completely depolymerized on the road unless somebody caps them with GTP-tubulins before departure.

GTC cover art September 2017

September 2017
A flock of wild geese from the north seems to be flying in front of the autumn moon rising behind a place of scenic beauty. No, it’s not. Looking carefully, it is a shoal of sperms swimming toward an ovum. It seems that one sperm has reached the ovum and passed through the zona pellucida, and that fertilization has just taken place.

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