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GTC cover art January 2018

January 2018
At Japanese shrines during New Year's holidays, you can find such dedicatory barrels of sake as in this picture. Looking closely at their labels, you will see the 3D structure, drawn on them, of green fluorescent protein ('緑乃光'), chaperonin ('寫丙論' and '界添'), proteasome ('蛋白ごろし'), aquaporin ('水之路') and sucrose porin ('満久淡泊'), all of which have barrel-like tertiary or quaternary structure.

GTC cover art December 2017

December 2017
You can perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR) without using a thermal cycler if you follow this drawing. Time management and temperature control are critically important for getting good yields of reaction products with high reproducibility and specificity. But, of course, safety first. Ouch! The smoke got in her eyes!

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