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GTC cover art June 2015

June 2015
It was in 1936 when the existence of ‘florigen’ was initially predicted as a plant hormone that transmits information on daylight length at their leaves to the tip of the stem and stimulates flower initiation. In 2007, it was finally identified as a protein, which is coded by the FT gene in Arabidopsis thaliana. FT protein is produced in the leaves and transmitted to the growing tip at the shoot apical meristem via the phloem, and interacts with a transcription factor (the product of the FD gene in Arabidopsis) to induce genes involved in flower initiation. In this drawing, an actor performing FT is contacting another actor performing FD, and trying to stimulate flower initiation with him in front of hydrangea flowers that represent the month of June in Japan.

GTC cover art May 2015

May 2015
There is a Japanese legend of an extraordinary strong child ‘Kintaro’, who caught a carp, taller than himself, only with his arms. Carp are familiar to people all over Japan as Koinobori (carp streamer) that is put up in May for their children's healthy growth. In this drawing, Kintaro is showing his extraordinary grip that acts as an external force to drive cellular convergent extension (a process in which a tissue is elongated along a certain axis by cell intercalation in animal development) to elongate the carp's body. The progression status of the convergent extension can be observed by the pattern of the carp's colored scales.

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