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GTC cover art February 2018

February 2018
In Japan, people cerebrate Setsubun, the day before the lunar calendrical beginning of spring, around 3rd of February every year. People decorate sardine heads and holly leaves, put soy beans in a square wooden measuring box ('masu'), and scatter the beans to expel the bad spirits. Putting not only ordinary soybeans, but also other kinds of beans, we expressed a scene of the inside of a cell in the masu just like a bonsai. The real inside of the cells isn't sparse, but very much crowded, like this masu, with cellular organelles such as the nucleus, mitochondria, secretory vesicles and Golgi apparatus and cytoskeletons as well. For drawing this image, we referred to an essay by Shoichiro Tsukita https://www.brh.co.jp/seimeishi/journal/009/ss_4.html.

GTC cover art January 2018

January 2018
At Japanese shrines during New Year's holidays, you can find such dedicatory barrels of sake as in this picture. Looking closely at their labels, you will see the 3D structure, drawn on them, of green fluorescent protein ('緑乃光'), chaperonin ('寫丙論' and '界添'), proteasome ('蛋白ごろし'), aquaporin ('水之路') and sucrose porin ('満久淡泊'), all of which have barrel-like tertiary or quaternary structure.

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