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GTC cover art February 2016

February 2016
In the most popular type of next-generation DNA sequencer, DNA fragments are PCR-amplified in the slide's channel coated by a lawn of PCR primers to form myriads of clone DNA clusters. After that, the DNA sequence of each cluster is determined by taking photographs of fluorescent signals on the slide with the image sensor again and again after each single-nucleotide extension step of a novel dye-terminator method. Thus, the reaction proceeding in the next-generation sequencer is massively parallel sequencing. In this drawing, we schematically expressed this mechanism with a flying hawk (image sensor) viewing clusters of pine trees (DNA) on the channel-shaped reclaimed land divided by embankments.

GTC cover art January 2016

January 2016
Worship the first sunrise of the new year from two rocks ‘Meoto-iwa’ (the wedded rocks, Mie, Japan) under double-helical DNA-like contrails in the sky. From left to right, there is the big rock, the sacred straw rope, the smaller rock, and the multi-exposed chain of suns. They just look like an RNA polymerase transcribing DNA into mRNA, its resultant mRNA, a ribosome translating the mRNA, and the new polypeptide chain growing upward from the ribosome, respectively.

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